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10 Funniest Moments In The “Time To Twice” TDOONG Cooking Battle

The egg challenge freaked everyone out!

TWICE had a Time To Twice TDOONG cooking battle and had to win a few challenges to get the ingredients they wanted for their recipes. They were split into two groups with four members each: Jihyo, Dahyun, Sana, and Momo were together in one group, and Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Mina, and Chaeyoung were in the other group. Nayeon was not around because she was working on a project.

They went through a series of games and challenges they had to win for each main ingredient they needed for their dishes. Here are the ten funniest moments TWICE members went through in their desire to get the items they needed.

1. Momo messed up the intro for the game

Momo was self-conscious when she was assigned to serve as host for the cooking battle and messed up her line. The members laughed at her blunder.

| TWICE/YouTube

2. Tzuyu’s delayed reaction

It took a few seconds before Tzuyu reacted to Momo’s mistake, making her reaction stand out. Momo is amusingly incredulous that Tzuyu laughed at her.

| TWICE/YouTube 

3. Jihyo and Momo tickled Dahyun

Jihyo and Momo tickled Dahyun through the gaps in her red top, and Dahyun was adorably enjoying the attention. Dahyun truly gives the prettiest smiles.

| TWICE/YouTube 

4. No one reacted to Momo’s intro for the next segment

As Momo introduced the next part of their challenges, she expected the girls to hype her. It was as though they conspired against her because they all tried not to laugh. They made up for it by cheering for her loudly.

| TWICE/YouTube 

5. Sana’s  for Dahyun’s reaction

Sana gave the wrong answer about the kind of noodles they had to guess based on the flavor powder. She knew Dahyun would be upset that the other team got it right and raised her “shield” to protect her against Dahyun’s cute attack on cue.

| TWICE/YouTube  

6. Momo’s awkward demonstration to Sana of how to flip the egg box

The challenge was to flip the egg box and make the real eggs move to the next row until all the eggs reached the other end of the box. Momo did it flawlessly but was awkward in teaching Sana the correct posture to nail the flip. Look at Sana’s attempt to bend her knees the same way as Momo.

| TWICE/YouTube  

7. Chayoung’s hilarious flip fail

Chayoung was so careful with flipping the egg box that none of the eggs left their place when she flipped it.

| TWICE/YouTube  

8. Jihyo coaching Sana to get it right

This time, Jihyo attempted to guide Sana on how to flip the box right. Jihyo looked like a serious coach who guided Sana until she did the flip.


9. Momo’s disastrous box flip

Far from her first attempt that turned out smoothly, Momo flipped the egg box a little too hard, and three eggs fell to the floor! Anticipating the eggs to break, it was hilarious to see all of them screaming only to laugh when they discovered the eggs were hardboiled and would not break to pieces after all.

| TWICE/YouTube

10. Momo’s amusing reaction to Mina’s success

On Mina’s final attempt to flip the egg box for her team, she wins the challenge. Momo’s reaction to this win is hilarious, knowing that the other group was sure to get one of the ingredients they were after.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Watch the full episode of the first part of their cooking challenge here:





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