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10 Outfits From Jennie’s Instagram You Would Love To Copy

Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK is known for wearing wild performance attire, as can be seen just scrolling through her Instagram feed. The 25-year-old primary rapper and lead vocalist love to wear more casual clothing on days off, but they’re still just as adorable!
However, if you want to rock the stage like Jennie or dress up nicely and be fancy, check out these ten outfits from her Instagram that would be perfect for you to copy!

1. Jennie and a tomboyish touch

Jennie looks like a casual model with her long-sleeved button-down shirt, biker shorts, and white shoes.

2. We had no idea this cardigan would look so lovely

This image also inspired us to add a green knit cardigan top to our wardrobe!

3. Jennie the Sassy

Picking bottoms with an eccentric design may add interest to something like a casual outfit consisting of a tank top and jeans.

4. Cozy and relaxed green

Jennie like cozier clothing like oversized knitted sweaters whenever she’s not lighting up the stage with her striking ensembles.

5. That Rose gown!

Take a tip from Jennie and get a lovely dress with puffy sleeves if you want to be in style.

6. The 25-year-old demonstrates why wearing all-purple ensembles is worthwhile.

7. Tops with no backs are always a wise choice.

8. Do you feel a bit warm?

Try a denim jumper over your favourite hoodie.

9. The K-pop artist believes that tie-dye will always be fashionable.

5 things you need to dress like BLACKPINK's Jennie

10. Jennie’s flirtatious drawstring top is ideal for romantic evenings.

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