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10 Quotes From EXO’s Kai That Sound Fake But Are 100% Real

Kai doesn’t have a filter, and it’s hilarious.

EXO‘s Kai (also known by his real name, Kim Jongin) is famous for being one of K-Pop’s best dancers, and his music, whether with EXO or as a soloist, never fails to capture everyone’s hearts. However, his hilarious and clumsy personality has fans falling deeper in love with him, and here are 10 quotes that prove that his life can sometimes be a “comedy and [a] documentary.”

1. When You’re Done With Your Company

If Kai’s third album and solo concert don’t come out soon, he and EXO-Ls will be out for blood.

2. “This isn’t hair anymore; this is a broom.”

Most of the idol industry can relate.

3. “I feel like I flew in the sky.”

The only bodyguards that Kai needs.

4. This Legendary Moment

When he jokes about it, it gets even funnier.

5. “My phone is a complete idiot.”

When your phone doesn’t work properly, it’s only right to scold it.

6. Violence is never the answer, but imagining it can help.

Some people explain choreography through beats, but Kai explains it through imagined violence.

7. “I applied nail polish on my lips and cried.”

Definitely not something you think you’d ever hear someone say.

8. Kai and the whisper challenge is always a recipe for chaos.

He’s too innocent for this world.

9. Spoken Keyboard Smash

When your brain malfunctions as you try to speak.

10. Stan Kai For More Brain Cells

If you stan Kai, you’re automatically an intellectual.




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