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10+ SEVENTEEN Instagram Posts That Went Viral For Radiating True “Boyfriend Material” Vibes

#5 is a favorite among Carats!

With SEVENTEEN having a total of thirteen members, all with personal Instagram accounts, the number of posts fans see daily is quite large!

Since SEVENTEEN knows what kind of content their fans like the most, the majority of their posts will go viral by being “boyfriend material” which is a trend that many celebrity Instagram accounts follow nowadays. The goal of this trend is for the photos to look organic and “boyfriend” like, as if the fan could have taken the photo themselves. SEVENTEEN are not novices at this trend at all, and have plenty of viral Instagram posts to prove it! Here are 13 Instagram posts from SEVENTEEN that fans loved the most!

1. S.Coups Baring His Arms

S.Coups went viral in these photos for showing his arm muscles!

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups| @sound_of_coups

2. Jeonghan’s Lunchtime Photos

Jeonghan perfectly captured the “casual lunchtime date” vibe in this post!

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan| @jeonghaniyoo_n

3. Joshua’s Beach Photos

Joshua doesn’t post a ton, but when he does, he surely does not disappoint!

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua| @joshu_acoustic

4. Jun’s Christmas Aesthetic

Jun‘s post went viral because it reminds so many fans of Christmas time at your local mall!

SEVENTEEN’s Jun| @junhui_moon

5. Hoshi’s Ocean Photos

Hoshi went very viral with this post as it showcases his fit body! Fans loved this post!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi| @ho5hi_kwon

6. Wonwoo’s Turtleneck Photos

Wonwoo had stopped posting on Instagram for a few months but returned recently with these photos, and fans were overjoyed!

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo| @everyone_woo

7. Woozi’s Hilarious Googles

Woozi doesn’t post many “sexy” photos, but is great at posting funny content for fans!

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi| @woozi_universefactory

8. THE8’s Puppy Photos

Fans of THE8 were excited to see these cute puppy photos!

SEVENTEEN’s THE8| @xuminghao_o

9. DK’s Mirror Selfies

DK is notorious for posting cuter “boyfriend” photos, and fans loved this post the most!

SEVENTEEN’s DK| @dk_is_dokyeom

10. Mingyu’s Basketball Game

Mingyu is arguably SEVENTEEN’s biggest viral poster, so it wasn’t surprising these photos went viral with fans!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu| @min9yu_k

11. Seungkwan’s Vancouver Stop

Seungkwan impresses fans with his Vancouver post!

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan| @pledis_boos

12. Vernon’s Museum Photos

Vernon is known to enjoy art, so this was a perfect viral post for fans!

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon| @vernonline

13. Dino’s Blurry Park Stroll

Dino perfectly captures the “boyfriend post” essence by posting blurry photos!

SEVENTEEN’s Dino| @feat.dino




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