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10 Things You Never Noticed About BLACKPINK Lisa’s Dancing That Will Convince You She’s A Pro

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is one of the most commonly referenced idols when K-Pop fans talk about their favorite idol dancers, and for good reason. Fans are well-aware of Lisa’s incredible ability to quickly pick up choreography and her powerfully charismatic presence whenever she stands on stage. There’s certainly no denying that Lisa is impossible to look away from when the idol is performing.


But here are ten details about Lisa’s dancing that you may not have noticed.

1. She makes even walking impossible to look away from

Although walking wouldn’t typically be considered a dance move, it frequently appears in choreography to add dynamics and help performers move around the stage. Lisa makes sure even her walking is controlled and perfectly set to the music, making it impossible to look away.


2. She plays around with dynamics

Dynamics are an essential part of keeping choreography interesting. Lisa can easily transition from fast, hard-hitting moves to softer, controlled ones, keeping her performances captivating.

“LILI’s FILM [The Movie]” | Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

3. She has impressive fluidity

Although Lisa’s moves are always clean and sharp, the idol never fails to make her movements fluid and connected, creating beautiful lines and pictures.

“Forever Young” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

4. She always fully extends her movements

No matter the dance style, Lisa not only commits to dancing with 100% energy, but she also makes sure to use her body’s full range of motion, perfectly filling out each moment.

“LILI’s FILM #3” | Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube  

5. She has great control

Everything about Lisa’s dancing shows just how in control she is of all of her movements. She always puts in the perfect amount of energy and power to make every move captivating. Even when it comes to simply closing and opening her hands.

| YGX 

| YGX 

6. She doesn’t make unnecessary movements

Along with Lisa’s impressive control, the idol never adds unnecessary movements. Even when dealing with a wardrobe malfunction on stage, Lisa’s every move was calculated, perfectly fitting the performance.

| @lalisahourIy/Twitter 

7. She has excellent musicality

During this iconic freestyle dance, Lisa not only showed off her comedic genius but also highlighted how excellent her sense of musicality is, making sure to hit every beat.

| JTBC Entertainment/YouTube 

| JTBC Entertainment/YouTube 

8. She has incredible stamina

Dancing is exhausting, and it would be understandable to get tired by the end of a performance, but whenever Lisa is on stage, the idol seems to have endless energy. She even shockingly appears to have more power and enthusiasm when it comes to dance breaks at the end of a song.

“Pink Venom” | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

9. She has really strong legs

It’s not surprising that a talented dancer like Lisa would be strong. However, Lisa’s strength is especially impressive as the idol constantly dances in heavy shoes while still flawlessly executing jumps, kicks, and all other footwork.



10. She uses even her eyes to add depth to her performance

Although it’s no surprise that Lisa has incredibly captivating charisma on stage, Lisa even uses her eyes, controlling ever part of her facial expressions, to establish perfect stage presence.

“Shut Down” | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/Youtube 

| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/Youtube

There’s no denying that Lisa always destroys the stage.




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