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10+ Times SF9’s Yoo Taeyang Proved He Was The Biggest EXO-L

If there were only one EXO fan left in the world, it would be Taeyang.

As one of the legendary boy groups of K-Pop, EXO have many fans within the idol industry, but the biggest EXO-L has to be none other than SF9‘s Yoo Taeyang.

These 13 moments prove that no one loves EXO as much as he does.

1. “Exodus” In 2022

If EXO ever went against Taeyang in a “guess the EXO song” challenge, Taeyang would probably win.

2. “Love Shot”

Taeyang was the first idol to cover “Love Shot,” and like the main dancer he is, he absolutely killed it.

3. “Mmmh”

With Kai as his bias, it’s only natural that Taeyang would cover his songs.

4. “Obsession”

Sometimes, Yoo Taeyang is faster than EXO at performing their choreography.

5. “Don’t Fight The Feeling.”

Though we still have nothing besides the MV from EXO with this song, Taeyang has covered it several times.

6. “Let’s Exchange Photocards.”

Taeyang probably has plenty of Kai’s photocards, but there’s always room for more.

7. “Beautiful Goodbye”

You know he’s a true fan when even his casual listening/background music is EXO.

8. EXO First, Everything Else Second.

Yoo Taeyang is truly the president of EXO-Ls.

9. He’s loved EXO since Day 1.

Yoo Taeyang mentions EXO whenever he can, and he even bought his own ticket to their The ElyXiOn Dot concert!

10. He Has All Their Choreographies Memorized.

Yoo Taeyang’s EXO vault in his mind must be enormous.

11. A Successful Fanboy

Kai knows how big of an EXO-L Taeyang is; thanks to that, he’s been paying special attention to Taeyang’s work.

12. “Peaches”

When Kai’s third solo album comes out, Taeyang will 100% cover the title track.

13. The Most Successful Fanboy Ever.

One of Taeyang’s biggest dreams came true the day he met Kai in person.



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