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10 Unedited Moments Of Red Velvet’s Irene At The 2022 Genie Music Awards Showing What She Actually Looks Like IRL

She’s the original visual, indeed.

Red Velvet‘s Irene often leaves our jaws hanging open with her stunning visuals, and these 10 unedited moments of her at the 2022 Genie Music Awards (GMAs) prove once again how powerful her beauty is. She’s even trending on several social media platforms thanks to her unreal visuals that shine through even in low-quality photos.

1. She Is The Main Event

It doesn’t matter what artist you stan; there’s a 100% guarantee you’ll swerve into Irene’s lane at least once.


2. She looks to the stars not knowing her beauty surpasses them.

She leaves everyone in awe.


3. An Adorable Princess

How does she look so cute and so pretty at the same time?


4. Low-Quality Photo, High-Quality Woman

Even if this picture was half-blurred, Irene’s insane visuals would still shake our hearts.


5. Her Beauty Rivals Those Of The Biggest Movie Stars.

You could easily mistake this preview photo for a movie poster; that’s how unreal her IRL visuals are.


6. “The Picture Of Sophisticated Grace.” – Frozen

Her aura screams grace and elegance befitting a queen.


7. Even in the darkness, your beauty shines through.

Despite all the jewels in her outfit, it’s her beauty that instantly captures everyone’s attention.


8. Her Eyes Hold An Entire Galaxy.

There’s a reason why we sometimes doubt Irene’s even human. Her visuals alone are otherworldly.


9. Gorgeous From All Angles

Her side profile is breathtaking.


10. All Of Red Velvet’s IRL Visuals Are Stunning.

It’s marked as potentially sensitive content because Irene’s smile at the 10-second mark is enough to send you to heaven.

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