BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Photos Of Her Dog Love With Fans

Lisa from BLACKPINK recently uploaded a series of Instagram photos of her dog, Love, whom she loves very much. Lisa wrote in the caption that she can’t go a day without seeing Love and that she loves him so much. Her fans loved seeing the pics and commented on how cute Love is.

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Lisa Shares Photos of Her Dog Love With Fans

Lisa has a beautiful dog named Yogi. Lisa loves to take photos of Yogi and share them with her fans on her Instagram account. You can see Yogi lying next to Lisa while she reads a book or looking up at Lisa with her big brown eyes. Lisa says that Yogi is the best dog ever, and she loves spending time with her.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Touching Photo of Her and Her Dog

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Touching Photo of Her and Her Dog

Fans of BLACKPINK were recently treated to a touching photo of singer Lisa on Instagram. In the photo, Lisa can be seen holding her dog close while looking into its eyes. The caption reads: “My love for my dog is infinite.”

Lisa has been dedicating time to her pet since it was a puppy, and the two have developed a close bond. She often posts photos of them spending time together and even shares a video of her dog playing fetch with a tennis ball.

Clearly, Lisa loves her dog dearly, and her fans love seeing the adorable moments between the two. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this sweet photo with us!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shows Off Cute Photo of Her and Her Dog

Lisa has recently shared some adorable photos of her and her dog on her Instagram account. In one photo, Lisa is seen holding her dog close while they both have big smiles. Lisa captioned the photo, “Our love.” Lisa loves her dog very much!

Lisa shared a Photo of Her and their Dog Playing Together.

On Instagram, Lisa shared a cute photo of herself and her dog playing together. The caption read, “My pup is my best friend!” It’s clear that the two have a great relationship, and Lisa loves spending time with her dog. We’re sure that all of Lisa’s fans are happy to see this adorable photo!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shows off Adorable Photo of Her and Dog

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Photos of Her Dog Love with Fans

Fans of BLACKPINK had a lot to look forward to when the girl group released their latest album, “SQUARE UP.” The album includes songs dedicated to Lisa’s beloved dog, Yummi.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Lisa shared a photo of herself and her dog Yummy. Lisa wrote, “My sweet little Yummy. I love you so much!”

Lisa has been sharing photos of Yummi ever since the dog was born. In one shot, Lisa feeds Yummi wearing an “I [heart] BLACKPINK” t-shirt. Lisa captioned the photo, “My happy place~ I love my little Yummi so much! I can’t wait to spend more time with you guys in the future! Xoxo. Lisa.”

Fans love the pictures of Lisa and her dog together and have left comments such as, “So cute! I love your Instagram Stories too!” and “Aw, so sweet.



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