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12 Of NCT 127’s Most Unforgettable Moments Of 2022, According To Fans

Here are the moments that made fans cry, laugh, and celebrate.

A curious NCT 127 fan asked for NCTzens’ favorite moments from the boy group that happened in the past year. Fans didn’t miss the chance to share the unforgettable moments that made them laugh and cry. Here are twelve moments that held a special place in fans’ hearts in 2022.

1. Proving haters wrong by singing their “most hated song” “Sticker” to celebrate their Daesang win

2. Posting proof that Kim Zung Woo paid for the group’s fancy meal at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

3. Perfectly nailing the live vocals to “Designer” while drunk

4. Yuta’s emotional reaction to achieving his dream of performing at the Tokyo Dome

5. Mark malfunctioning when his joke didn’t go as planned

6. Johnny and Haechan being a chaotic duo

7. When the setlist meeting with their staff got so heated, their manager made them start an Instagram live

8. When no one told Haechan they were serving sexy vampire vibes for “Favorite”

9. NCT 127 playing badminton whether they were on or off stage

10. Johnny’s relatable shout-out to his mom after winning a major award

11. Doyoung breaking down in tears as Taeyong comforts him

12. Bringing back “Limitless” better than ever




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