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15 Times TWICE Jihyo’s Powerful Live Vocals Had Us In Awe

TWICE‘s Jihyo is breathtaking, from her visuals to her vocals to her performances, earning herself the nickname “God Jihyo.” And as TWICE’s one and only main vocalist, she’s a powerhouse respected by many in the industry for her strong vocals. Here are 15 times her live vocals had us in awe, although truthfully, there’s never a time ONCE aren’t in love with Jihyo.

1. Rockstar Jihyo

No matter the genre of music, Jihyo’s vocals will always be killer.

2. She Owns Encore Stages

What’s louder, Jihyo’s talent or her voice?

3. “Love Battery”

Jihyo’s energy is contagious, and she easily gets the crowd to vibe with her wherever she performs.


jihyo voice 🛐 #twice #jihyo #lovebattery

♬ 사랑의 배터리(Love Battery) – 홍진영

4. “Perfect World”

Jihyo is the main slayer, especially when performing “Perfect World.”

5. “Stardust Love Song”

While Jihyo’s known for her powerful vocals, her voice is also soft and soothing.


Besides her sharp intakes for air, it’s hard to tell that Jihyo’s singing live since she sounds exactly like the studio version.


cry for me😭 #cryformetwice #jihyoedit #mainvocalist

♬ оригинальный звук – kpop girl groups

7. King Of Masked Singer

Her high notes are always amazing, but Jihyo’s lower register has an unrivaled charm.

8. “Heart Shaker”

Jihyo has absolute power over ONCEs’ hearts, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

9. ” I CAN’T STOP ME” English Version

Whatever the language, Jihyo always delivers.


#twice #jihyo #icantstopme #once #dahyun #nayeon #hiraimomo #tzuyu #mina #sana #FYP #fyp

♬ Jihyo – MiaoMiao

10. “Just be yourself”

Her runs are ethereal.

11. Effortless Vocals

Even lying down, Jihyo’s vocals are unmatched.

12. Rookie Jihyo

Her ad-libs and high notes have been consistently stunning since her debut.


#mainvocalist #jihyo #foryou #fyp #fyppp #basherswillcry #highnotes

♬ The Feels – TWICE

13. “TT” But Make It Jazz

We need more jazz or acoustic remixes of TWICE songs by Jihyo.


The secret behind Jihyo’s stable vocals? Her tireless hard work.

15. “Be as ONE”

The emotions Jihyo conveys are just as impactful as her voice.



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