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15 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Displayed Her Glorious Body Line

Dahyun is body goals!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is 100% body goals!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are 10+ moments when we simply couldn’t get over Dahyun’s perfect hourglass figure!

1. “Scientist” era Dahyun was simply unreal

Netizens couldn’t stop gushing over Dahyun’s waist-to-hip ratio during the “Scientist” era, and we can definitely see why!

| TWICE/YouTube

 2. Still snatched in oversized clothes

Even when she’s wearing baggy clothes, Dahyun’s waist is still as snatched as ever!

3. Literally won the genetic lotto

You can’t get a body like this just by working out!

4. Ant waist

She’s got the tiniest waist!

5. Flawless in all black

This black outfit really flattered her figure!

6. Doll-like proportions

She looks like a real-life doll!

7. Her figure is just as gorgeous when she’s sitting down

Dahyun looks amazing at ALL times!

8. Her body line is out of this world

She looks great from all angles!

9. Definition of hourglass

If you look up “hourglass” in the dictionary, you’ll see a photo of Dahyun!

10. Actual goals

She’s flawless!

11. Always flawless, even in low-quality pics

You will never ever catch Dahyun slipping!

12. In an sponsored ad for Michael Kors.

13. In front of the famous Music Bank stairs.

14. As Michael Kors’ brand ambassador

15. Pretty in green




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