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16 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stole Our Hearts — Even Without Her Signature Bangs

Lisa without bangs is just a pretty as Lisa with bangs.

Aside from her outstanding talent, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is known for her iconic bangs! BLINKs know Lisa’s signature look is her gorgeous bangs and are well aware of how rare it is to see her without them. Whether she has bangs or appears with a no-bangs look, Lisa is beautiful either way.

Here are 16 times Lisa was seen without her iconic bangs and looked stunning!

1. She’s too pretty!

Whether she has short, long, curly, straight bangs or no bangs, Lisa is always capturing our hearts with her lovely visuals!

2. She’s definitely the maknae!

Lisa looks absolutely adorable! While shooting for the variety show Real Men, Lisa exposed her forehead several times, bringing out her cute, youthful features! She’s definitely the cute baby of the group.

3. Sleeping beauty

Lisa is actually a sleeping beauty! While catching up on her sleep, Lisa prepares her bangs for a big show.

4. She looks gorgeous even with a mask!

While no bangs can bring out her baby face, they can also be used for a more edgy and mature look! With the black hair and makeup, Lisa looks like a total baddie!

5. Shorthair and bangless Lisa?! Yes, please!

Lisa once showed off her favorite short hairstyle and moved her bangs to the side.

6. We will never forget this look

Lisa’s incredible performance of Doja Cat’s “Say So” broke the internet and so did this sultry look! With her middle part and dark makeup, Lisa can slay any concept.


7. Lovely Lisa

Lisa’s doll-like visuals look amazing, with a middle part!

8. It was a little windy

Even when her bangs are unintentionally put aside, Lisa’s visuals are insane!

9. CF queen!

The members of BLACKPINK are CF queens, and Lisa’s flowing hair and no-bang look made all our hearts skip a beat!

10. That smile is the best smile!

During an episode of BLACKPINK House, the members took a trip and went paragliding! Of course, while flying through the air, Lisa’s bangs were blown by the wind, and it was all too cute.


11. This is the cutest moment in history!

Lisa needed to move her bangs back to give this lucky dolphin a cute little kiss!

| 2020 Summer Diary In Hawaii

12. A glamorous close-up

Lisa looks good at every angle! Whether it’s up close or far away, you know Lisa will slay.

| Vogue Korea

13. She makes sure her forehead looks good!

Even though she covers it up with bangs, Lisa makes sure to make her forehead look good for breezier days.

14. Sometimes, she wants to hide them

Lisa tried to cover her bangs while walking in some windy weather.

15. Trading Bangs for Braids

Lisa traded out her signature bangs for more braids.


16. Bangless with Bvlgari

Back in June, Lisa rocked a slicked-back hairdo at Bvlgari’s event.




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