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20 Times TWICE’s Jihyo Went Totally Viral On Twitter For The Most Iconic Reasons

These videos of TWICE‘s Jihyo reached more than just ONCE — They quickly spread across Twitter and racked up millions of views for being amazing, hilarious, adorable, or for any other iconic reason! Check out 20 of her most-viewed videos below.

1. This iconic “Fancy” fancam remains her most-viewed Twitter video at 11.2M views.

2. Her energetic “Yes or Yes” fancam follows behind at 7.6M views

3. You can always count of Jihyo for the best reactions, like this meme-worthy video of her having a snack.

4. Remember when Jihyo appeared in Twilight?

5. This moment of her reading comments during a livestream left the internet in awe of her beauty.

6. Nobody could resist her Zenryoku challenge video.

7. Another “Yes or Yes” video gained attention for her addictive performance.

8. Cosmopolitan Jihyo was everything.

9. Jihyo confidently rocked a gorgeous tan on this day, going outside the boundaries of Korea’s harsh beauty standards.

10. Her first “Talk That Talk” fancam after being quarantined showed how much she missed performing!

11. Jihyo watched over TWICE like a drill sergeant.

12. She went viral for her “mad” face and eyebrows whenever she takes a bite of some yummy food.

13. Jihyo vibed to BTS’s “Boy With Luv” and everyone fell for her!

14. This moment shows Jihyo’s insane duality.

15. Fans went wild over her hourglass figure.

16. Jihyo was most definitely in an episode of MasterChef…kind of.

17. A three second video that changed history.

18. Her genuine reaction to her fans is too precious.

19. She put the sun to shame this day.

20. This blonde Jihyo moment lives on forever.




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