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4 Times NCT’s Johnny and Mark Acted Like Real Life Siblings

Just a few examples of Mark and Johnny’s closeness!

If you’re an NCT fan, you already know how close most of the members are with each other. More specifically though, Mark and Johnny are a duo that fans love to see together due to their generally sibling-like antics! Here are just a few fan-favorite moments between the pair that really highlight their sibling-like relationship!

1. Their Reaction To Themselves

If you haven’t seen NCT 127’s Superhuman MV, you might not know that there is a short clip in which Johnny and Mark get close to each others faces. Not a big deal, some might think, but in NCT 127’s reaction video, the pair definitely had some remarks about the scene.

Mark Lee GIF - Mark Lee Johnny - Descubre & Comparte GIFs

2. Johnny’s Kind Words For Mark

Though the pair may bicker like siblings, that doesn’t mean there aren’t kind moments between them! In an interview, Johnny had a few sincere compliments to pay Mark about his first solo endeavor. Mark seemed to be deeply touched that his bandmate and friend had such meaningful feedback to share with him!

Johnny interviewing Mark about ‘Child’

3. Mark’s Birthday Gift

In August, Mark celebrated his birthday with his fellow NCT members. To his luck, he was surprised by Johnny with a backpack! He says “I actually really needed one!” To which Johnny replies, “I know!” The duo clearly know each other well enough to anticipate what one might need or want as a gift!

4. Who Would They Kick Out Of Their Porsche

Recently, Mark and Johnny joined columnist Jeff Benjamin for a Twitter Spaces interview. One of the questions the pair was asked by fans was “if they could choose any person to cruise around in a Porsche with, who would they choose.” Mark seemed to put a lot of thought into the question and took his time, which led Johnny to answer, “I was going to say Mark, but after seeing how long it took to answer the question, I’m going to change it.”

Overall, the pair are definitely as close as siblings considering they can joke around with each other but are still caring when they need to be!




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