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40 Songs In 7 Years? BLACKPINK Fans Share Outrage Over Lack Of Music Released By The K-Pop Girl Group

“It’s honestly ridiculous and any fans trying to justify this instead of asking for more from YG are just dumb af.”

The topic of how long BLACKPINK‘s breaks between their musical releases isn’t anything new. While the K-Pop girl group started their career in 2016 with a fairly normal release schedule compared to other artists, in recent years it has become normal for them to go for a year or more between comebacks.

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And when they do have comebacks, fans have been disappointed in the small number of new songs released after such a long wait. Even their two full-length studio albums, The Album and BORN PINK, have just 8 songs each, which is on the lower end for full albums.

Because of their infrequent comebacks and few songs released even when they do comeback, the number of songs in BLACKPINK’s entire discography is shockingly low for an artist almost seven years into their career.

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If you count their solo songs and collaborations with other artists, the total comes to 41 songs released (or an average of 5.9 songs released each year). If you only count the songs on their albums or full group digital songs, the total drops down to a shocking 29 (or about 4.1 songs per year).

The topic recently became a heated conversation on an online forum. With BLACKPINK’s seven-year anniversary just around the corner, fans expect that the members will be making the decision whether or not to renew their contract with YG Entertainment.

Some believe that their musical talents are being wasted with the label given how few songs they release, and think that they would be better suited with a different company. At this time, many fans argue that they’re more like models that sometimes release music as a hobby than actual K-Pop idols, and believe this could change with a new label.

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The complaints that people have are, of course, directed at YG Entertainment and not the members themselves, especially since they have expressed the desire to release more music before. In fact, it’s a common belief that YG Entertainment purposefully makes fans wait so long for such few songs in order to build up hype and increase their streams — because if there are so few songs to stream, then of course they’ll reach high streaming numbers from devoted fans.

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Here’s how netizens are reacting to the discussion of BLACKPINK’s incredibly small discography on the forum post.

Do you feel that BLACKPINK’s talents are underutilized in their current situation?

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