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7 Moments That Prove NCT’s Jaehyun Is The Perfect Gentleman

We all know NCT‘s Jaehyun is the definition of a golden boy. His background itself is pretty much unrivaled! From his professor parents to growing up in an affluent district before moving to America for a couple of years, then training at an entertainment company and making his debut, his life is basically a novel. But what fans love the most about him is his genuine and gentle personality! Here are 7 moments that prove it

1. His interactions with kids

Jaehyun absolutely loves children. He always gets down on their level and looks them in the eye sweetly.


2. Pulling people closer

He didn’t hesitate to tug Haechan‘s chair closer to him to get everyone in the frame instead of asking Haechan to move himself.

3. Looking out for his dongsaengs

We know he adores Mark, but he truly proved it during NCT 127‘s Halloween special video. Jaehyun made sure to find out which candy Mark liked the best before opening it.

| NCT 127

4. Willing to go the mile for others

Even though Mark could have easily jumped down himself, Jaehyun was there to catch him.

| NCT 127

5. Feeding others first

Jaehyun made sure Taeil got a bite before helping himself.

| NCT 127

6. Entertaining the young ‘uns

He often lets the NCT Dream members sit on his lap. Here’s Chenle enjoying the prime spot during a live stream.

7. Protective of his friends

The instant Jaehyun noticed that something potentially dangerous was approaching, he shielded Jungwoo‘s face without thinking.

He’s truly the perfect man!




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