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Top 9 Female Idols With The Slimmest Bodies In K-Pop Ever

The female idol is known for having a thin body, yet views here on succeeding attractive idols are divided.

Most Asians value “a thin body figure,” hence most Korean women will try to have a slim physique. However, many female idols continue to shock internet users by having a physique that is just too thin, which is less alluring than a complete body.

The first thing that stands out as being wrong with a thin figure is the bony legs, which are less beautiful than legs that appear in good condition.

Yoona (SNSD)

Yoona has always received plaudits for being the most attractive female idol, yet she still cannot cover up her worst flaw: her bony legs. The god of the SM has tried to improve her physique, but she has trouble gaining fat. Yoona appears to be the sand hourglass that several females desire due to her small waist.


BLACKPINK’s lead vocalist is so small that it has been said that she has only a 48cm waist. Rosé appears relatively thin from various perspectives, so fans should be concerned. Rosé is only 45–46 kilogrammes and 1,70 m tall.

Lizzy (former member of After School)

The people were startled to discover the gorgeous idol from Pledis’ slim figure. Everybody was shocked to witness Lizzy’s weight reduction accomplishments before their appearance; she had a full, healthy-looking figure.

Dara (2NE1)

The YG diva is praised for having a petite frame that makes her appear younger than she is. Dara once told CL that she only weighed 38 kg, which made CL look big next to her. The leader of 2NE1 is also having trouble turning so that she does not look so opposite of Dara.


Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi said she lost 5 kg, or 43 kg, after marketing “Gashina.” Her tiny legs have caused so much concern among the public that she had to convince them that she is healthy.

Yujin (CLC)

The star Yujin, born in 1998, said she has always struggled with her weight. She is 1m62 tall and often weighs 41kg, but lately, she has weighed just 38kg. Internet users advise Yujin to gain weight to be healthy.

Hajung (1NB)

Hajung, a member of the anonymous organization 1NB, sparked many controversies when she revealed that, although being 1m56 tall, her actual weight was just 38.4kg. She was noted as not being very skinny but being well-balanced. Simply put, the 19-year-old superstar weighs 37 kilogrammes. She is too little, making her appear like a doll.

Yukyung (Elris)

Yukyung, who weighs 37 kg and is 1m57 tall, bears the title of “The skinniest female idol in Kpop.” She is complimented for her cheerful and lovely appearance, yet she still receives criticism for her tiny legs.

Hyoeun (Stellar)

Hyoeun, a member of Stellar who enjoys flaunting her physique, said that she weighed only 42kg while being 1m70 tall. Several online users were taken aback as she prepared to go confidently on stage despite having such a slim figure.



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