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9 Boy Group Idols with Curly Hair: A list of the most popular boy band idols with curly hair

If you are a fan of K-Pop, then you know that there is a tendency for male K-Pop idols to wear their hair long. However, as much as we want to see our favourite boy group members rock different hairstyles regularly, they constantly change every time they switch it up and go with a curly perm under those slicked-back strands of hair again.  Nevertheless, thankfully, some K-POP groups have been sporting those curls with pride, whether spotted at Disneyland laughing and playing together before matinee shows or shimmying through dance routines, and it is about time for them to show us what their naturally curly hair looks like. This article discusses nine male idols with naturally curly hair. There is a list of the members with curly hair, short descriptions of each member and a photo of each member.

Mark (NCT)

EXO’s Kai previously said that NCT’s Mark secretly has naturally curly hair in a 2019 SuperM video clip. Kai informed the public that Mark’s hair looked “very fantastic” after having seen it in its natural condition.

NCT’s Mark


Supporters of SEVENTEEN recently learned that DK’s natural hair is curly, thanks to pre-debut pictures. Joshua subsequently verified this on an episode of Idol Room, whereby he rapped, “You have curly hair,” during a confrontation with DK.

SEVENTEEN’s DK | Weverse

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Bang Chan of Stray Kids has been honest regarding his natural curls since shortly after the group’s inception. He said, “It is too humid today, my least favourite sort of day / My natural curly hair turns crazy frizzy, huh,” in the song “Domestic Banana,” off of 3RACHA’s 2017 EP 3Days.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Jungwon (ENHYPEN)

Although since the group’s debut, Jungwon’s naturally curly hair has not been seen by ENHYPEN fans. Unfortunately, during the group’s first demonstration, Jungwon admitted he straightens his hair because he dislikes how it appears curly.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon | Weverse

Hyunjae (THE BOYZ)

The BOYZ’s Hyunjae has jokingly said during previous live coverage claimed his hair was permed while he was asleep. Fans hardly ever experience it this way, but in truth, it is naturally curly.

THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae


PENTAGON’s Yuto is known for having highly tight curls in his natural hair, but he previously admitted that he frequently gets his hair straightened since he does not like how it appears.


Ravn (ONEUS)

Ravn from ONEUS once compared his curly hair to a poodle. He also mentioned that it could be challenging to stay on track, but supporters still would not mind if he avoided the difficulty each time.

ONEUS’s Ravn

Junji (OnlyOneOf)

Junji of OnlyOneOf is perhaps most known for the lengthy “curtain hair” style and bangs he wore over his face earlier this year. He recently stated, nonetheless, that his hair was formerly curly.

OnlyOneOf’s Junji


A few years previously, INFINITE’s L informed a fan during a fan signing that the one thing he should indeed always be carrying in his automobile is just a brush or comb. Why? He has to brush his hair frequently to maintain control over it because it is naturally curly.



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