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A Fashion Icon: BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wore A Basic Outfit At The Airport In The Coolest Way

“If I wore this, I’d look homeless.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is now back in South Korea. She was greeted at Incheon airport by a sea of fans and reporters alike, proving her star power as a top celebrity.

She was as cool as can be even in an outfit that was the definition of “relaxed.” She donned a loose-fitting pair of pants with an oversized black shirt and a jacket much larger than her original size.

Some fans even acknowledged that this same outfit could make them look “homeless” instead of fashionable.

Lisa, evidently, still appeared to be every inch the world famous singer and model that she is even in the lounge attire. She strutted across the airport as if it were her runway!

The accessory that helped pull together her fit was a classic pair of tinted sunglasses. The round lenses gave her an aura of coolness and charisma that elevated her entire look.

Another aspect that made her seem cool was her pleasant attitude. Though BLACKPINK has a history of not being allowed to accept fan gifts, Lisa happily did so. She thanked the BLINKs and walked away with a bright smile, something they all appreciated.

Lisa often shows up at the airport wearing simple but fashionable pieces. She manages to make even the most basic article of clothing appear luxurious!




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