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A Netizen Claims Gurumiharibo Targeted BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BTS’s V As Part Of A Larger Plot And Leaks “Real” Pictures Of Other Idols As Proof

There is allegedly much more to this story than previously thought.

Recently, “leaked” photos of alleged K-Pop couple BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BTS’s V have spread online. The photos were all shared by the same source, a Twitter and Telegram user known as Gurumi Haribo (@gurumiharibo).

The authenticity of many of the photos has been questioned as more and more photos were “leaked,” and now a netizen is claiming to have background information on the person behind the Gurumi Haribo account.

Gurumi Haribo’s chat on Telegram with more than 45,000 members.

On September 28th, a new Twitter account with the screen name DropTheBomb (@twocanplay_) was created and began to tweet accusations directed towards Gurumi regarding the “leak” of photos.

This account claimed that there was not just one person involved in the targeting of Jennie and V, but rather many working together as part of a plan to force the alleged couple’s companies to speak out. Their goal was allegedly to cause as much “chaos and havoc” as possible.

DropTheBomb claimed that Gurumi began to add details to their “leaks” and fabricate stories in order to feed her own ego. According to this account, “real” photos of the “couple” were never supposed to be used, but Gurumi began to share them in order to give her story validity and convince viewers her story was true.

In an attempt to prove that their claims were true, DropTheBomb proceed to share a variety of not yet seen “real” videos and photos of V and Jennie, along with a host of other idols and celebrities. The account claimed that these photos were shared from a variety of sources including friends of idols, private accounts, staff, managers, and stalker fans.

A photo of what appears to be NCT’s Lucas and EXO’s Kai.

A photo of what appears to be a contestant from the dating reality show Heart Signal 2.

An alleged photo of what appears to be BTS’s Jimin and an unknown man.

After sharing these photos, DropTheBomb concluded that Gurumi planned on releasing more “leaked” photos of Jennie and V from their alleged vacation on Jeju Island, and warned that they had the ability to create any sort of narrative about many idols.

The Gurumi Haribo Twitter account has been suspended several times, but the user is active on Telegram where they have over 45,000 chat participants. The account previously shared an “unseen” photo of Jisoo, which would support the claims made by DropTheBomb.

Neither YG nor HYBE have had a strong response to the “leaked” images, however, netizens believe that one new idols included in this “leak” will take action.



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