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A Single Request From TWICE’s Tzuyu Changed One Of The Group’s Traditions Right Away

She secretly holds the power!

TWICE‘s Jihyo recently appeared in a video on Mono Tube‘s channel. At one point, she talked about one tradition that they follow. As a large group with nine members, the girls have many birthdays to keep track of.

TWICE’s Jihyo

They soon learned that this is especially difficult to do considering their busy schedule.

We decided not to give birthday gifts because we are too busy and would feel sad if someone forgot.

— Jihyo

Instead of gifts, they realized it was easier to host a party for the celebrant.

So, we agreed to just throw a birthday party instead of giving gifts.


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One day, however, Tzuyu spoke up. She asked to go back to the time they gave gifts as she wanted to show her love for her members.

One day, Tzuyu asked, ‘Can we go back to giving birthday gifts?’



Wanting to make their maknae happy, they accepted this request right away! With just one sentence from Tzuyu, TWICE was ready to do whatever she asked.

And we were like, ‘Yeah, why not! Let’s do it!’


Born in 1999, Tzuyu is the youngest member of TWICE. The oldest member, Nayeon, was born in 1995.





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