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A Viral Photo “Posted” By Snoop Dogg Has SEVENTEEN Fans Running To Instagram To Check The Facts

CARATs were tricked by their own!

CARATs are double-checking Instagram after a viral photo.

SEVENTEEN and the legendary American rapper Snoop Dogg both performed at LA3C, a two-day music, art, and food festival celebrating the rich culture and immense creativity of Los Angeles.

After the event, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu shared a photo of Snoop Dogg holding a signed copy of the group’s Face the Sun album. He captioned it, “We were so happy to be able to perform on the same stage.” Snoop Dogg then reposted, thanking them for the album.

| @snoopdogg/Instagram

Shortly after this post, a netizen tweeted a photo of marijuana (also known as cannabis), blunt wrap, and a photocard of Wonwoo, captioned, “snoop dogg instastory.” The tweet went viral with 8.4K likes at the time of writing.

Netizens were amused but not surprised that Snoop Dogg would post such a photo. If anything, some were jealous he pulled their bias.

Some were skeptical, though. So, they double-checked Snoop Dogg’s Instagram, only to find the photo of him with the signed album and nothing else. So, he did not actually reveal his photocard pulls.

The photo was actually originally posted by @cinnawonrolll on Twitter in May.

So, don’t believe everything you see on Twitter, kids!

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