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Actor Seo Bum June And Actress Roh Jeong Eui Send TXT’s Yeonjun A Surprise Gift, Proving “Jjunijjun” Is Still Going Strong

Netizens react to their heartwarming friendship.

In March 2022, it was announced that SBS‘s Inkigayo would have three new hosts, with actress Roh Jeong Eui, actor Seo Bum June, and TXT‘s Yeonjun joining the long-running show as the new MCs, replacing the former MCs TREASURE‘s JihoonNCT‘s Sungchan, and IVE‘s Yujin.

(From left:) TXT’s Yeonjun, Roh Jeong Eun, and Seo Bum June | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

The three new MCs quickly formed a close friendship, and their fun on-air chemistry earned them the endearing nickname “Jjunijjun.”

A year after their roles began, the trio gave a teary-eyed goodbye as Yeonjun prepared for TXT’s world tour, and Roh Jeong Eui and Seo Bum June’s contracts came to an end.

TXT’s Yeonjun renewed his contract, continuing his MC position alongside new MCs BOYNEXTDOOR’s Woonhak and actress Park Ji Hu.

(From left:) TXT’s Yeonjun, actress Park Ji Hu, and BOYNEXTDOOR’s Woonhak | SBS

Although the beloved “Jjunijjun” trio no longer works together, their friendship has continued off-screen, which was recently shown in a video uploaded to TXT’s official YouTube channel.

The TXT member took MOAs (TXT’s fans) behind-the-scenes of their “Back For More” (featuring Anitta) music video filming, and cameras captured the moment Roh Jeong Eui and Seo Bum June sent a surprise gift to Yeonjun on set.

Between filming, Yeonjun stepped outside to see what was waiting for him and found that his fellow former Inkigayo MCs had sent him a coffee truck.

The coffee truck was covered with photos of the trio, and the two actors had included a long message of support, praising Yeonjun for his talents and showing their support for his promotions.

Upon seeing the truck, the eldest TXT member was touchingly brought to tears. Yeonjun revealed that he had called Seo Bum June and Roh Jeong Eui to tell them he was filming a music video, and they both wished him good luck, which moved Yeonjun.

The three have consistently shown each other support through gifts and promoting each others’ activities on social media, proving that although the trio is no longer on-screen together, their friendship is still going strong!




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