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Aespa’s Karina Receives A Thoughtful Message From NCT’s Ten — Perfectly Showcasing His True Personality

This is a friendship we definitely need to see.

NCT‘s Ten had some clever words for aespa‘s Karina as he sent her the most unexpectedly wholesome message.

NCT’s Ten

Aespa’s Karina

Along with their members and the artists of SM Entertainment, Ten and Karina participated in the company’s SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concerts—the first live SMTOWN performances in years.

The concerts allowed fans to see many surprising, and often, exciting interactions between the different groups. One such interaction was between Ten and aespa’s NingNing, who were revealed to have the cute friendship that fans didn’t know they needed.

Similarly, NingNing also proved to be the most adorable besties with Ten’s fellow NCT and WayV member Kun.

While fans weren’t able to capture an interaction like this between Ten and Karina, the newest SMTOWN content suggests they still may be friends.

The SM Entertainment artists all sat down to write special notes for each other during the concert, making for some exciting combinations of artists. For example, fans finally got to see (an indirect) interaction between the company’s main dancers as EXO‘s Kai wrote a note to NCT‘s Jisung.

Among these gems, fans have been loving the message that Ten wrote to Karina. As he began the message, he seemed to be giving it careful thought. He quickly came up with something, and seemingly proud of what he wrote, he showed it his member Xiaojun.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Xiaojun proved to be impressed by Ten’s witticism…

…since Ten’s cute message referenced Beyonce‘s iconic song “Run The World (Girls)” while alluding to aespa’s latest comeback, “Girls.”

It was a sweet show of support done in classic Ten fashion, who is always known for his incredibly funny quips in NCT, and definitely one of the most wholesome moments to come out of the Secret Message Center at SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo.

Watch the original clip on the link below!



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