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All The Items That BLACKPINK’s Jennie Always Carries Around In Her Two CHANEL Bags

Here’s the difference between the two bags.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie showed off the items that she carries around with her in a new interview with Vogue Japan. She presented two bags, a smaller and larger one, that hold different items.


The Mini Bag

First up, the smaller bag holds her essentials. She said, “This is my compact mini bag that has a little bit of the stuff that I need in life.”

1. Cell Phone

The first thing she keeps on hand at all items is her cell phone. Jennie revealed that she’s the kind of texter who is extremely affectionate.

It holds my cell phone. I use my phone for messaging people. I love sending hearts to [them].

— Jennie

2. Hair Tie

She also brings with her a scrunchie in order to put her hair up whenever she feels like it.

Of course, I have a little scrunchie for my hair that also works as a bracelet if you want.

— Jennie

3. AirPods

Like other K-Pop idols, she always brings around Apple AirPods to listen to music when she’s on the go.

I have these AirPods. I listen to meditating music when I’m traveling in cars or airplanes. Just plug it in and zone out.

— Jennie

4. Gemstone

A unique item that she stores in the small bag is a gemstone trinket that she bought in Los Angeles, USA.

The Big Bag

Moving on to her bigger bag, Jennie described it as something that “carries a lot of stuff” including things that can be used in emergencies.

I’m like a mom, I think, when it comes to bags. To me, I think moms always have everything ’emergency’ in their bags when they go out with their children. So I’m like a mom to myself.

— Jennie

5. The Hair Clip

Instead of a hair tie like what can be found in her mini bag, the giant one holds a bigger hair clip.

We start with a hair clip to tie up my hair whenever I need.

— Jennie

6. Cat Pouch

The white bag can hold larger items than the black one, such as Jennie’s cat pouch. She admitted that she did not have any purpose for it and purchased it simply because of its design.

I thought it was cute so I bought it and then I just forced myself to put some stuff inside.

— Jennie

7. Beauty Items

Furthermore, Jennie carries around things such as a scar healing mask…

…a roller to depuff her face

…and a mirror to keep her condition at its peak.

8. Keyring

A personal item that she brings with her is a keyring that was gifted from a friend. She attached it to another pouch that houses her medicines.

9. Medicine

Speaking of medicines, she always has a pouch of it just in case.

This just has medical stuff in case of emergencies.

— Jennie

10. Film Camera

The K-Pop idol also loves taking photos in the midst of her journeys. She particularly loves pointing the camera lenses at her friends and animals, taking special care to not scare the latter.

I have a cute film camera that I carry in my bag just in case I want to snap any moment in life. It’s usually the people that I’m with that I take my snaps of, or a cute puppy, or animals that happen to be near me. But I don’t use flash because they don’t like it.

— Jennie

11. Snacks

Finally, the last thing that Jennie keeps in her large bag is snacks to eat on the go. Her busy schedule leaves little time to eat and so her haul keeps her energized at all times.

I have cute little snacks in case I go low on sugar. Usually it’s different ones every time, but today I have a strawberry theme, I guess.

— Jennie

Watch the full video below!




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