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American Rapper Cardi B Reveals Her Favorite BLACKPINK Song

She saved the best for last.

American rapper Cardi B collaborated with Stationhead for a special live stream where she played some of her favorite songs.

Cardi B | @iamcardib/Instagram

Listeners were excited that BLACKPINK made it onto the playlist as Cardi B revealed her favorite song from the group.


As the Stationhead live stream came to an end, Cardi B warned listeners that she had one final song to share before leaving.

| @iamcardib/Twitter

The final song was from Lisa‘s debut single album LALISA. Cardi B chose “MONEY” as she sang the lyrics.

So we have one more song and one artist. And the last artist is BLACKPINK. “MONEY”.

— Cardi B

Cardi B excited everyone by being a fan of BLACKPINK and appreciating Lisa as a fellow female rapper.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram




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