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Americans Chose Which Red Velvet Member Is The Prettiest

Who did they pick?

YouTube channel Xiaomanyc小馬在紐約 walked around NYC’s Times Square asking strangers to pick the prettiest member of Red Velvet, and while all the women are undeniably beautiful, doing polls like this were common in his videos. In previous videos, he asked parents which member of BTS they’d want to date their child and asked random New Yorkers to vote for the number one favorite Taiwan beauty, which saw TWICE‘s Tzuyu coming out on top.

America is commonly known for being a melting pot of cultures, particularly in areas like NYC’s Times Square which sees foot traffic from a very diverse group of people! Initially, Xiaomanyc went around seeking non-K-Pop fans, but many of the people he questioned knew who Red Velvet was! (ReVeluv power!)

Irene and Seulgi were essentially neck-and-neck throughout the whole video, although all the members received love from the people who were polled.

Source: Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约/YouTube

Ultimately, Irene took the crown and was voted the most beautiful member of Red Velvet based on public opinion.

Source: Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约/YouTube  

Watch the whole video below for full commentary as for why people voted the way they did:

Red Velvet



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