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Angry Red Velvet Fans Claim Wendy Is Being Forced To Release Ballads By SM Entertaiment

ReVeluvs haven taken to social media to voice their concern.

Recent buzz among Red Velvet fans suggests a growing concern: SM Entertainment is pressuring the group’s main vocalist, Wendy, to release ballads despite her own artistic preferences. This issue has come to the forefront as Wendy teases her upcoming solo comeback, sparking debates and theories among her dedicated fanbase, ReVeluvs.

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For weeks, Wendy has been dropping hints about her new music, leading to a flood of questions and anticipation from fans. They’re especially curious about the type of music she’ll release and the concept behind it.

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Wendy’s initial entry into solo artistry was marked by “Like Water,” a soulful ballad that showcased her vocal prowess. This track has since become emblematic of the kind of music SM Entertainment seemingly prefers for their main vocalists when they embark on solo careers. However, ReVeluvs speculate that Wendy’s personal artistic inclinations might lie elsewhere.

Interactions with fans suggest Wendy is interested in trying different genres. One fan who recently held a video call with the Red Velvet star shared that Wendy seemed keen on exploring R&B for her new album. Yet, she hinted that the album’s genre was already set, even though she hadn’t started working on it.

Wendy’s comment about having “some thoughts and will try to fight for it” has left fans concerned that she might have to struggle to get her ideas heard.

Another fan’s tweet, who also participated in a fan signing event, added to this concern. They said Wendy wants a brighter concept and to try R&B, but it’s hard for her to get these ideas into the album. This worries fans, as they believe artists should have a say in their music. Unfortunately, that’s not all the signs that point toward this being true.

Wendy’s recent messages on the fan messaging app Bubble also hint at her frustration.

These days I’m a bit stressed… I’m working hard on something but everything’s not working out… do you know that feeling?

— Wendy on Bubble

| @todayis_wendy/Instagram


Fans think this might be about her work on the album and her efforts to include her own ideas, while SM Entertainment seems to prefer and be set on ballads.

The growing frustration among Red Velvet fans is palpable as they confront the possibility of Wendy being pushed into a musical corner by SM Entertainment. Many are rallying around Wendy, voicing their discontent on social media and calling for SM Entertainment to respect her artistic choices.

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