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Anne-Marie Wants To Collab With Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

She had nothing but praises to sing about Taeyeon.

Anne Marie was the latest guest on MMTG, and like always, the host, Jaejae, was super welcoming, showering Anne Marie with praise and even showing off her vast knowledge and dedication by flexing how much she knew about Anne Marie.

Jaejae mentioned how South Korea had absolutely loved Anne Marie’s song “2002,” with her song topping the charts in 2019 and being covered by many celebrities.

| 문명특급 – MMTG/YouTube

She then brought up a picture of Anne Marie’s official account retweeting Suzy’s cover of “2002,” and Anne Marie had nothing but praises to sing about Suzy.

Suzy isn’t the only Korean celebrity Anne Marie loves; Anne Marie also follows Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon on Instagram.

Anne Marie shared that she had just one day happened across Taeyeon’s music and instantly fell in love. In fact, she’s so enamored by Taeyeon’s voice that she hopes to collab with her one day.

Jaejae was all for the possible collab, and since she’s good friends with Taeyeon (and a huge fan), she promised Anne Marie that she’d pass the message to Taeyeon.

If this collaboration does happen, it’s guaranteed to shake the world, especially since Anne Marie and Taeyeon are vocal legends.

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