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Are You A Carat Or A Cubic? Here’s The Difference Between SEVENTEEN’s “Two Fandoms”

If you stan the thirteen-membered, self-producing, talented boy group SEVENTEEN, then you know this:

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

You’re a Carat.

This fandom name comes from the lyrics of their track called “Shining Diamond”, from SEVENTEEN’s debut album 17 CARAT. Carats add more shine and give greater value to the diamond that is SEVENTEEN!

Since the beginning of SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube channel series, GOING SEVENTEEN, however, a new “fandom” has risen to power.

SEVENTEEN on “GOING SEVENTEEN”. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Semi-fans — who are avid watchers of the series, but not quite a full-on Carat just yet — began referring to themselves as Cubics…

Cubic zirconia

… as in the synthetic diamond, cubic zirconia. Get it?!

Cubics are growing quite large in number too, as GOING SEVENTEEN has been raking in millions of views each episode, since the series first premiered in 2017.

“GOING SEVENTEEN” logos. | @weverseofficial/Twitter

The best part? Well, Cubics say “being a Cubic is only a step away from becoming a Carat“.

Oh yes, I am a Cubic-turned-Carat. Take it from me. I started watching GOING SEVENTEEN a month ago, while eating my meals… I binged through their biggest episodes. Now I know every member’s name and stan all of them. LOL. I can’t go back. I’m all in.

— Cubic-Turned-Carat

Many ex-Cubics have admitted they signed up for Carat-hood shortly after realizing they’re completely hooked on GOING SEVENTEEN! But it’s the group’s musical talent and visual excellence that make them really commit.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

I started watching GOING SEVENTEEN because it low key reminded me of Infinite Challenge. And TBH, I had no intention of stanning the group. But… now I watch their MVs, performances, and fan cams too. What can I say? Was a Cubic, am a Carat. I guess it had been pretty inevitable because they’re so good at what they do — as SEVENTEEN and as GOING SEVENTEEN.

— Cubic-Turned-Carat

So if you’re a Carat with a mission to convert your non-Carat friends, pro tip: Try turning them into Cubics first. It won’t be long before they come through! 💎

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch the latest episodes of pure chaos and sheer madness here:




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