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Baekhyun Can’t Forget EXO’s Most Embarrassing Performance From Their Rookie Days

He still can’t stand it ten years later.

EXO debuted ten years ago but still remember their early days like it was yesterday. During his recent Christmas radio show, Baekhyun shared one of those memories with a performance from their rookie days that still embarrasses him.

Taking it back to 2012, Baekhyun said, “This time, I will watch a video that I personally think is very embarrassing.” It was the group’s “History” performance for the kids’ network Tooniverse. He had several reasons why he couldn’t enjoy watching it.

The first was that EXO wasn’t well-known at the time, meaning that the elementary students they performed for had no idea who they were.

The school setting and all the lights beaming on EXO were too much for Baekhyun to handle at the time.

It was hard for me to take in that we were dancing like that in a school auditorium. The lights were too bright. There was so much natural light too.

— Baekhyun

The fact that EXO wore full-on stage costumes made it even more embarrassing for Baekhyun. He would’ve preferred it if they matched the vibe and dressed down.

I had my hair done very neatly. I had perfect makeup on. It would’ve been better if we dressed more casually, but we always wanted to wear stage costumes.

— Baekhyun

Because fans sent in their embarrassing moments, Baekhyun repaid them by watching one of his. Even so, he still can’t stand to watch it ten years later. Baekhyun admitted, “So it’s pretty hard to watch. It makes me feel anxious.

Watch Baekhyun take one for the team by sharing the embarrassing memory he still can’t forget.




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