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BLACKPINK “BORN PINK” Dancer Spills On What It’s Actually Like To Perform With The Group On A World Tour

“It is quite tough because…”

BLACKPINK have been holding their BORN PINK world tour, performing for excited fans and showing off their powerful stages.


One of the dancers performing with BLACKPINK during their concerts, Will Han, recently opened up about what it’s like to perform with the global superstars.

Dancers Sang Hyun Yoon and Will Han | Heyday/YouTube 

First, Will Han explained that the experience of preparing and performing each concert is always different.

Will Han: The stage is totally different in every country, from preparing for the performance to the reaction of the fans. There’s a tiny bit of difference in every country.

| Heyday/YouTube  

Will Han also revealed one key difference between BLACKPINK’s tour and any other he’s been a part of that makes him “feel special.”

Will Han: Unlike other world tours, BLACKPINK’s world tour… Even the dancers wear in-ears. It’s quite uncommon for dancers to wear in-ear monitors on stage. When you wear an in-ear during the performance, the artist’s voice is delivered right into your ears. It just resonates in your ear.

Sang Hyun Yoon: Just like a concert?

Will Han: Exactly. When you listen to the songs with in-ears on in this wide concert hall while closing your eyes, it feels like a stage just for you.

| Heyday/YouTube  

And Will Han also shared how “thankful [he is] that [the dancers are] given a role in that concert” during a special performance part of “Pink Venom.”

Will Han: I’m just thankful that we are given a role in that concert that is exclusive to the dancers only.

| Heyday/YouTube  

Of course, as exciting as it is to be a part of the world tour, Will Han also admitted how exhausting each concert gets since they’re performing songs continuously throughout the concert.

Will Han: The male dancers, on average, dance more than ten songs from solo [performances] to the finale.

| Heyday/YouTube  

Having to perform so many songs back-to-back while also changing outfits is “difficult.”

Will Han: I start with Jisoo‘s solo part, and I rest during the next performance, which is Jennie‘s solo performance. As I’ve mentioned earlier, during Rosé‘s part, I listen to the song with my in-ears on. I go up the stage with my eyes full of tears. It is quite tough because dancing consecutively is really not easy. The dance moves are quite difficult as well. Lastly, I prepare for Lisa‘s solo stage. As soon as Rosé’s solo part is over, I swiftly change my outfit and run back to the stage. I sit down and wait for the performance.

| Heyday/YouTube  

But Will Han explained that BLACKPINK cheer the dancers on to encourage them all.

| Heyday/YouTube  

The dancers also don’t get to interact much with BLACKPINK since the members are exceptionally busy.

| Heyday/YouTube  

But Will Han revealed that the idols show their true personalities when they spend time with the dancers, complimenting them for their hard work and even approaching Will Han, who is introverted, first.

| Heyday/YouTube  

Ultimately, Will Han feels “lucky” to be a part of the experience.




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