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BLACKPINK Gets Chaotic While Shopping In Target – Here’s What Happened

“I’m going to kill you.” — Rosé 🤣

Recently, the members of BLACKPINK revealed more behind-the-scenes footage from their Born Pink album promotions in the US. During the video, the girls went on the Jimmy Kimmel show, filmed their concert VCR videos, appeared on radio shows, and much more.

The members even visited Target in LA as part of their promotions for their exclusive deluxe album — and they quickly turned it into their own personal shopping spree!

It didn’t take long for the girls to get into all kinds of mayhem, starting with Jisoo stealing her favorite Lisa photocard. After looking through all of them, she took the best one!

I should steal Lisa’s photocard. I already got [the group] yesterday. I want to have this. Wait! This one. *Giggling* Lisa, let’s go!

— Jisoo

Meanwhile, Lisa went shopping on her own, looking for some trendy hair tape. Where could it be?!

Next, Rosé was quick to hit to board game section where she spotted a party game based on the movie Clueless.

When she asked Lisa to play it with her, Lisa agreed…and then signaled to the camera that she had no interest in playing!

I’m going to kill you. I saw [you do] that.

— Rosé

While this was happening, Jennie and Jisoo went off on their own and quickly became overwhelmed with all of the great things to buy!

I even twisted my neck all the way around right now [to look at everything]. ‘You’ll strain your neck’🎶*

— Jisoo [*T/N: Shut Down lyrics]

When Jennie revealed she wanted some pajamas, Jisoo pointed out her pick for Jennie — but nobody was ready for when the camera showed a baby’s onesie!

What do you guys think? [This is] Jisoo’s pick.

— Jennie

Watch the full video below.




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