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BLACKPINK Has Revealed The Official Track List For “BORN PINK”

BLACKPINK Has Revealed The Official Track List For “BORN PINK”

BLACKPINK has finally revealed the official track list for their upcoming album, “BORN PINK.” Titled “TONIGHT,” the album will be released on Septemebr16th.

With 14 tracks in total, the album features appearances from BIGBANG’s T.O.P. and 4Minute’s Chaeyoung, as well as new tracks written by BLACKPINK. 


BLACKPINK has revealed the official track list for “BORN PINK.” The album includes eight tracks, including the title track and the title song’s remix. Also, BLACKPINK released a music video for their new single “Boomerang.”

What are the details of Born Pink?

Truthfully, not much. In typical Blackpink fashion, the group gave relatively little information before the release of the lead single, “Pink Venom,” however, Jisoo provided some details about the album’s making during the live stream that followed the song’s debut. Jisoo said, “She hypes us up,” when asked who during practice was the “mood maker.” She named Jennie. She acts strangely. The dancing instructor goes all out if she wants us to stress specific movements.

Over the past few weeks, several tantalizing hints about the album’s development have also occurred. OneRepublic vocalist Ryan Tedder talked about co-writing a song with the band in an interview. He also contributed to their Cardi B collaboration, “Bet U Wanna,” and he mentioned that he had created numerous additional songs for the album. He stated, “From what I’ve been informed, and the things that I performed with them, I can honestly say is true to their sound,” during a recent visit to Good Morning America.

Pink Venom

The band publicly debuted “Pink Venom,” the album’s lead song, on August 19. Although not much was known about it beforehand, fans were quite interested: a video trailer for the song accumulated an incredible 20 million views. Additionally, the trio announced the #PinkVenomChallenge in association with YouTube Shorts, encouraging fans to record and share their interpretation of the song’s fang-flapping dance.

Explain Blackpink.

Four-piece girl quartet Blackpink is represented by Y.G. Entertainment, a major Korean entertainment company that has worked with legendary artists like 2NE1 and Big Bang. With the seductive “Whistle” and ominous “Boombayah,” the quartet—Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé—made their musical debut in 2016. Their carefree, it-girl style and great esteem charmed the global fan base who would later become known as Blinks—and propelled them to the top of album charts worldwide.

Blackpink’s music reflects this dichotomy, musically and sonically hopping from sad pop laments and bubblegum bops to flippant indifference and tongue-lashing aggression. The name Blackpink signifies the group’s two sides: the darker, adult “black” and the lovely, girlish “pink.”

When the group released The Record, their first full-length album, in 2020, that was the last time we heard from them. Cardi B and Selena Gomez made appearances in it, debuting at number two on the Billboard 200 list after selling more than 1.2 million copies—a first for any K-pop female group. With the international hits “How You Like That,” “Ice Cream” (with Gomez), and “Lovesick Girls,” Blackpink cemented their place as pop royalty.

The Tracklist

BLACKPINK has finally revealed the official track list for their upcoming album “BORN PINK”! The album will be released on July 12 and will include 11 tracks.

The first track on the album is the title track, “BORN PINK,” which was written by BLACKPINK’s members Jennie, Rosé, Rose, and Lisa. Jennie also produced the song.

Other tracks on the album include “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which is a collaboration with Japanese rapper Tohoshinki, “Hitman,” featuring American rapper A$AP Rocky, and “Do It Again.”

The last two tracks on the album are “Lonely” and “I Don’t Care.” Lonely was written by Jennie, while I Don’t Care written by Rose and Lisa. Tohoshinki also participated in the writing process for I Don’t Care.

What to Expect on the Album

The eagerly awaited fourth studio album from BLACKPINK is set to drop on June 16, and the girls have finally unveiled the official track list! Titled “BORN PINK,” the album will be 14 tracks long and feature a variety of genres, from funk to electro. The title track, “BORN PINK,” will be the first single off the album, and it is already receiving rave reviews.  

Fans can expect to hear tracks like “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “STAY,” which both feature strong dancehall vibes. Other highlights include the ballad “PLAYING WITH FIRE,” which is sure to touch hearts, and the club banger “KISS AND MAKE UP.” The final track on the album, “HAPPY?” closes out with an upbeat note that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.


BLACKPINK has finally revealed the official track list for their upcoming album “BORN PINK.” The album will be released on June 12 and features 11 tracks in total. Some of the songs that will be included on the album are “Deja Vu,” “BOOMBAYAH,” and “WHISPER.” Check out the tracklist below!



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