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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Flawless Visuals And Huge Security Team At Chanel’s Show At Paris Fashion Week Proves Her Global Influence

Since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, the influence of the members has been seen in so many ways. None are more obvious than the luxury brands each member is an ambassador for, including Jennie representing some of the top fashion labels globally.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

In particular, Jennie has been known as the “Golden Girl” of Chanel since becoming their brand ambassador back in 2017. Since then, the idol has shined during endless events and promotions for the brand.

Jennie earlier in the year for Chanel | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie’s 2021 Chanel look | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Like many idols and Korean celebrities, Jennie recently jetted off to France to attend Paris Fashion Week. Even before getting on the plane, Jennie looked like a true model with her amazing fashion and dazzling visuals.

Of course, everyone was waiting for the real show and even hours before the show was due to start, crowds were filling up around the venue to show their support for Jennie.

Yet, as soon as Jennie made her way out of the car, the entire crowd went crazy. The screams were something straight out of a concert with BLINKs showcasing their love for the idol. Of course, Jennie made sure to greet them as soon as she got out of the car.

| @xxrjycxx/Twitter

| @xxrjycxx/Twitter            

Dressed in a short white dress and a matching coat, the idol looked flawless as the colored details on the dress added another dimension to the look.

Although there weren’t many media shots, BLINKs at the venue happily provided fans worldwide with some high-quality shots showcasing Jennie’s visuals, charm, and true beauty, even in unedited pictures.

Even as she got into the venue and away from the crowds, Jennie’s elegance was still on show. Jennie even made sure to keep waving at fans until the very last minute when she couldn’t see fans anymore.

| @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

When Jennie got into the venue, it was now the photographers and media who made sure to get a glimpse of the “IT” girl. There were cameras flashing and everyone trying to catch Jennie’s attention for a few seconds, especially considering how in demand she was.



Unsurprisingly, Jennie was seated front row of the show and had some of the most adorable reunions with Kristen Stewart. It showcases the idol’s influence and how important she is to Chanel.


It also seems that everyone wanted to chat with Jennie before the show started and share how happy they were that she could attend.

Chanel even made sure that she had a lot of security so that Jennie could feel safe amongst the huge crowds.

When the images and clips were released, BLINKs worldwide couldn’t contain their excitement. They had been trending phrases prior to the show, and Jennie’s visuals continued to shock them.

As always, Jennie cements herself as the main event of one of the biggest shows on the calendar. Although her outfit was more minimalistic and casual, the idol still seemed catwalk ready. Models should be lucky Jennie chose to be an idol rather than a model.

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