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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Influence Shocks Netizens After The Release Of Her New Gentle Monster Range

Is it a collection release or K-Pop concert?

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s new collection for Gentle Monster has been released, and Jentle Salon is already proving to be influential.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie for Gentle Monster | @_GentleMonster_/Twitter

Netizens have been anticipating the release of Jennie’s new collection as the images and concepts behind the designs have been a hot topic and are loved by fans. With so many designs, there is a style for everyone, and it combines style, creativity, and beauty.





As the release of the collection was May 1, videos of stores were shared, and it showcased Jennie’s influence.

In particular, in one store in Seoul, the lines seemed endless as groups of netizens waited for their chance to buy a pair of glasses or some of the charms that were also on sale.

Even as the line ended and they moved inside the store, the queues were still massive.

When the video was posted, Other fans also shared photos of stores in different countries where the queues were massive as netizens wanted to be the first to get their hands on Jennie’s collection.


It wasn’t just in stores that Jennie’s influence was shared. Online, BLINKs shared their struggles to even access the website.

Shortly after the new range became available online and could be accessed, the glasses sold out almost immediately, with many having the phrase “To Be Restocked” under them.

As always, Jennie showcases her influence with whatever she does.




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