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BLACKPINK Lisa And SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Multiple Interactions At The BVLGARI Event Shock Netizens To The Core

The 97-liners both said things to make each other laugh!

Netizens have gone crazy after seeing BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu interact at a recent event.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

On March 14, both Lisa and Mingyu attended the BVLGARI event in Seoul.

As a brand ambassador, Lisa looked beautiful in a simply elegant black dress with a long train, teaming it with simple makeup, hair, and bold jewelry.



Mingyu also looked phenomenal in a simple black suit, black tank top, and silver accessories.



It wasn’t long before netizens got the interaction they were craving. Thanks to Harper’s Bazaar Korea, fans got to see Mingyu and Lisa posing together for some photos.

| @harpersbazaarkorea/Instagram

After posing, Mingyu said something to Lisa. While she moved forward, whatever the idol said must’ve been funny because when Mingyu smiled, Lisa looked at him, and her face broke into an adorable and cute laugh.

| @harpersbazaarkorea/Instagram

The two then continued posing. Mingyu and Lisa exuded true visuals and an unreal aura, cementing the power of the two 97-liners.

| @harpersbazaarkorea/Instagram
| @harpersbazaarkorea/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, they were spotted interacting during the event, and Lisa, messing around with Mingyu, showcased how close they must be.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the video of the two idols. Many people thought it was a dream interaction and couldn’t get over the power and talent between Lisa and Mingyu.

In particular, it was more than they had during the DIOR show that was attended by Mingyu and Jisoo. While we saw the two chatting, the video only showed Jisoo, and it left netizens craving more BLACKPINK x SEVENTEEN crumbs.

You can read more about Lisa’s look at the event below.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Visuals Shine In A Sexy Little Black Dress At The BVLGARI Event In Seoul

Source: @harpersbazaarkorea



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