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BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Pink Venom” Scenes Are Inspired By A Classic Hollywood Movie

It all makes sense now.

While BLACKPINK‘s Lisa‘s “Pink Venom” rap referenced an iconic line from the famous singer Rihanna, it wasn’t the only inspiration they took from pop culture.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa recently revealed that a classic Hollywood movie inspired her solo scenes from the music video.

In the first part of the group’s Born Pink Memories, Lisa confirmed the film was Tomb Raider. There was a particular scene they were inspired by.

Lisa remembered a transition where everything seamlessly opened for the film’s main character Lara Croft. She explained, “There’s a scene in the movie ‘Tomb Raider’ where spaces open up one by one. We were inspired by that.

To prove it, Lisa counted the three doors that opened and closed while she filmed her “Pink Venom” scenes.

When you take another look at the tomb-like set and all the door transitions, it all makes sense.




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