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BLACKPINK Recreates An Iconic Photo On Their Way To London

The group has a new airport tradition!

BLACKPINK are global superstars, and their down-to-earth and relatable personalities are part of what makes them a group that’s universally loved.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Rosé, Jennie, and Jisoo | @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

The members never miss a moment to show off their close friendship and have a little fun in the middle of their busy schedules.

BLACKPINK recently arrived at Incheon Airport to catch a flight to London, England. After wrapping up the successful North American leg of the BORN PINK tour, the group is ready to take on the Europe leg of their tour.

BLACKPINK’s LA “BORN PINK” show | @BancStadium/Twitter

The members were flying out of Korea after a short return home. After catching up with family and friends, the members once again had the public’s eyes on them as they made the airport their personal runway.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo at Incheon Airport for their London flight

BLACKPINK’s Jennie arriving at Incheon Airport shortly after

BLACKPINK’s LisaRosé, and Jisoo arrived first and showed off their adorable friendship as they navigated the crowds gathered to see them off.

They each adorably posed for the camera, a smile never leaving their face as they thoughtfully greeted fans.

With all eyes on them, fans witnessed a fun moment between the trio while Jennie was traveling to join them.

In September, member Jisoo went viral for her playful behavior at the airport. While walking with Jennie, Jisoo unexpectedly jumped into the air. Jennie joined in on the fun as they both continued walking across a pedestrian bridge.

| 비몽/YouTube

In October, Jisoo recreated the iconic moment, this time with maknae Lisa!

| 비몽/YouTube 

Now, a month later, they’ve recruited Rosé for their adorable new tradition.

| @bimong_fancam/Twitter

| @bimong_fancam/Twitter

It seems Jisoo’s spur-of-the-moment fun in September is now a solidified tradition for the group. Hopefully, we’ll see an OT4 jumping picture with Jennie soon!

Check out the article below for more heartwarming moments between the members on their way to London.

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