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BLACKPINK Rosé’s Relationship With Sulwhasoo Goes Back To Her Childhood Days

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is the new global ambassador of Sulwhasoo, a renowned Korean skincare brand. Besides being the most angelic model for them, Rosé’s relationship with the brand traces back to her childhood.

Even when she lived in New Zealand and Australia, Rosé’s mom had a deep love for Korean products, with Sulwhasoo being one of her favorites.

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For Rosé, her mother has always been her hero and role model, and she’s never held back from declaring her love for her mom to the world.

I always thought she was the most beautiful person, most beautiful woman out there, and I always aspired to be her.

— Rosé

Like any little girl who adores her mom, Rosé wanted everything her mom had. Rosé’s definitely the daughter who secretly tried on her mother’s dress and high heels when she was younger, and since skincare was important to her mom, Rosé’s desire to use Sulwhasoo when she grew up is completely understandable.

Perhaps the greatest reason Rosé loves Sulwhasoo so much is that the brand is tied to some of her most cherished childhood memories. Whenever her family went on vacation, she, her sister, and her mom would have a girls’ night and do skincare. Those nights were surely filled with deep talks and lots of laughs, so it’s only natural that Sulwhasoo elicits nostalgic emotions from Rosé.

When Rosé was old enough, her mother recommended some products from Sulwhasoo, and ever since then, she’s used Sulwhasoo as part of her daily routine. With so many memories associated with Sulwhasoo, Rosé becoming the brand’s global ambassador can be nothing but a destined relationship.

This isn’t the first time Rosé’s endorsements had deep ties to her childhood. As Tiffany & Co.‘s global ambassador, Rosé has loved the brand since her teenage years, and once again, it was her mother who was the source of her love.


Rosé and her mother share the sweetest relationship, and it’s clear that both she and her mom are beautiful, kind, and strong women who inspire everyone they meet.



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