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BLACKPINK’s Heartwarming Reaction To Lisa’s Win At The VMAs Will Get You In The OT4 Feels

The 2022 VMAs (also known as the 2022 Video Music Awards) have proven to be a huge night for K-Pop Artists!

Ahead of the ceremony, BLACKPINK made history by winning the “Best Metaverse Performance” while SEVENTEEN were the first K-Pop artists to win “Push Performance of the Year.” BLACKPINK also rocked the red carpet before the show and had all eyes on them.

BLACKPINK on the 2022 VMAs Red Carpet | @MTVNEWS/Twitter

When Lisa made history as the first female K-Pop artist to win “Best K-Pop” for her solo work with “LALISA” fans around the world were excited beyond belief. She was nominated alongside SEVENTEEN‘s “HOT,” BTS‘s “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” ITZY‘s “LOCO,” Stray Kids‘ “MANIAC,” and TWICE‘s “The Feels.”

No one was more excited about her win than the other members of BLACKPINK themselves! The girls are first shown cheering when Lisa is announced as the winner with Rosé standing up to hug her while Jennie cheers! Jisoo can’t seem to get over her excitement and shock, watching Lisa walk away with her hands over her mouth.

During her speech the girls are seen watching with hearts in their eyes, laughing and clapping when Lisa thanks “Teddy oppa” BLACKPINK’s producer. Jennie is also shown dancing the iconic L move found in “LALISA” as Lisa continues her speech.

When Lisa begins to thank BLINKs for helping her achieve the award, Jennie seems to become overcome with emotion and pride, appearing to scrunch her face to avoid crying.

When Lisa turns around to where the other members are sitting to wave and give them a special shoutout in Korean, the girls’ excitement overflows with Rosé blowing kisses towards her as Jisoo and Jennie make hearts and send kisses as well.

There’s a long list of people who are proud of Lisa and the other members of BLACKPINK are right there at the top!



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