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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Didn’t Know What BLINKs Were Asking For, But She Still Gave The Cutest Fanservice

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie proved she’s the best at fanservice at BLACKPINK’s recent offline fansign event, even when she doesn’t quite understand what BLINKs are asking her to do.


BLACKPINK recently held the large BORN PINK fansign event where they were able to interact closely with BLINKs. Jennie naturally received much praise for her flawless visuals at the event…

…but also for her dedication to fans. She seemed more than happy to be there, as fans were able to capture the cutest expressions on her face.

She was able to share the funniest and most wholesome interactions with BLINKs…

And in fact, she was for her fanservice, as she even removed her barrier to be able to interact more closely with the fans in attendance.

Jennie truly did her best to make fans happy. So much so, that she gave it her best shot even when she didn’t know what BLINKs were asking her to do. Fans managed to capture an adorably confused Jennie as she was asked to do a new pose.

| @jnkloops/Twitter 

She was clearly unfamiliar with it as she didn’t quite understand how to do it…

But she still did her best–and the result ended up being too cute!

In fact, BLINKs loved it so much that the clip is already going viral. Check out the full wholesome video on the link below!




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