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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Makes A “Friends” Reference, Showing She’s Just Like The Rest Of Us

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a global sensation as an artist killing it on the Coachella stage, a Chanel ambassador making heads turn at fashion events, and an influencer selling out everything she wears. There are moments, however, when she is not “superstar Jennie” but a regular person like one of us.

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In her most recent vlog titled “North America World Tour vlog,” Jennie invited us into the behind-the-scene moments of her recent travels. While in Dallas, she went shopping at Urban Outfitters and discovered cool items like mood lights, laptop cases, and even a BLACKPINK album. It was clear that she was ecstatic to see it but pretended to be cool about it.

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She tried on a furry hat and wanted the same one in a different color. However, she decided to only get one because she had learned to “control herself”—we didn’t know global stars had the same problems we did!

Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube

Jennie then visited a park in Atlanta, Georgia. Dressed in comfortable clothes and hip accessories, Jennie held a coffee while walking. She walked peacefully, crunching the fallen autumn leaves on the ground—when suddenly she started running and flailing her arms.

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When her friend who was filming didn’t understand what she was doing, Jennie explained: “You don’t know this? You haven’t watched Friends?” And she continued to do this…

Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

…for a while.

Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube  

But where did Jennie get this run from?

Jennie was referring to an episode of the popular 90s American sitcom Friends, where Phoebe runs while flailing her arms in Central Park, embarrassing her friend Rachel.


It became one of the many famous and iconic scenes of Friends that true fans remember.


With scenes like this that are still viral and used as memes today, Friends is a show many of us love—and it looks like Jennie is a fan as well! Knowing the power of Jennie’s influence, we may be seeing everybody running while flailing their arms in parks from now on.



Source: Jennierubyjane Official




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