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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reacts To Almost Swearing On National Television

Jennie saw her career flash in front of her eyes! 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has made netizens LOL with her reaction to almost swearing on national television.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie is set to appear alongside a star-studded cast on the new tvN show called Apartment 404.

“Apartment 404” poster | tvN

Jennie already had fans excited when new photos of the idol for the show saw her looking as young and youthful as when she first debuted back in 2015.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, tvN shared a new trailer featuring the whole cast.



In particular, one clip caught the attention of fans and made them LOL. During the video, Jennie started talking passionately and at one point, it seemed like she was going to say “f*ck” in Korean.

Upon realizing where it was going, Jennie immediately stopped talking, and her expression changed instantly into concern and fear.

When the clip was posted, netizens couldn’t get over how it looked like Jennie’s career flashed in front of her eyes. In particular, some joked that the flash of worry on her face made it seem like her first proper variety show appearance in five years could be her last.

As expected, Jennie will be able to flaunt her variety show skills that netizens believed YG Entertainment stopped her from doing.




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