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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And WINNER Jinu Take A Lie Detector Test — The Results Showcase The Reality Of Their Relationship

The lie detector revealed the true chaos!

Netizens love seeing the friendship between idols from the same company, and it is the same for artists under YG Entertainment. It seems like the same can be said for BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and WINNER‘s Jinu.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram
WINNER’s Jinu | @xxjjjwww/Instagram

On June 20, Jisoo appeared in a video with WINNER’s Jinu, and they truly showcased their chaotic friendship.

From the very beginning of the video, the chaotic friendship between Jisoo and Jinu is on show. Whether it was Jisoo teasing her YG senior about his hosting skills…

Or revealing the only reason Jinu is counted as her friend, despite her strong feelings about men and women not being friends.

Well, it seems like their friendship got even more chaotic when they were both having a lie detector test, but with questions about each other.

Of course, Jisoo and Jinu are friends, but they still maintain respect for each other based on the sunbae and hoobae system. But it seems like the show was out to see what would happen if the situation was very different.

First up was Jinu, and he was asked if he were a girl, could he would’ve “Owned” Jisoo.

Although the context was vague, he seemed quite happy when his answer of “Yes” turned out to be the truth.

Even Jisoo seemed to acknowledge the answer.

When it came to Jisoo’s question, it was meant to show her real feelings toward Jinu. The WINNER member is older than Jisoo, but she was asked if the tables were reversed, would she give him a “knuckle,” which is digging your knuckles into someone, normally playfully.

Even though Jinu didn’t trust Jisoo’s answer, the idol proved why she is one of K-Pop’s “Golden Girls” by telling the truth when she said she wouldn’t want to give a “knuckle” to her senior artist.

Yet, while Jisoo seemingly came out looking like an angel, it was a different story when the question changed. While Jisoo wouldn’t give Jinu a knuckle, it was seemingly because she wanted to give him several as she was shocked by lying.

Of course, it was all said to showcase the friendship between Jisoo and Jinu, which is definitely chaotic AF. You can read more from the video below.

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