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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Casually Flexes Her Wealth With Spontaneous Purchase

“I ended up buying [it] without realizing.”

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri has released a new talk show on her official YouTube channel, and the first episode of Hyeri’s Club featured special guest BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo.

The two popular girl group members originally met when BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Rosé appeared as guests on Amazing Saturday in 2018 when Hyeri was a fixed cast member, and the three have remained close friends ever since.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (left), Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (center), and BLACKPINK’s Rosé (right) | tvN

During the Hyeri’s Club episode, Jisoo and Hyeri offered a rare glimpse into the dynamic of their friendship.

Jisoo sweetly revealed that Hyeri takes care of her, insisting on paying for most of their shared meals, saying it’s because Hyeri, as a 14-year idol, “worked years longer than [Jisoo].

Jisoo declared her status as Hyeri’s “stalker,” hilariously detailing the activities she’s participated in and products she has purchased because of Hyeri’s influence.

They share the same hair salon, dermatology clinic, pilates studio, and more.

Jisoo took her dedication to buying the same Hyeri-approved items to the next level when she ended up purchasing the same car as the Girl’s Day member.

When Hyeri pointed out that fact, Jisoo explained that when she rode in Hyeri’s car for the first time, she thought it seemed like “such a nice car to drive.

As she admired Hyeri’s car, she thought about how easy it would be to drive. She realized she wanted a similar car when she went to purchase her own.

Jisoo admitted that before she knew it, she bought the same car “without realizing.” When Hyeri noticed it was the same car, Jisoo hilariously became confident that she had made a good purchase.

Netizens couldn’t help but react to Jisoo’s casual, spontaneous purchase, which flexed just how wealthy the BLACKPINK member is.

Check out more from the Hyeri’s Club episode in the article below!

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