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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Clears The Air About Her Former “Family Pet”

She wonders what her former classmates think about the “family pet” now. 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is back with a new vlog for her personal YouTube channel, Happy Jisoo 103%, to celebrate her 29th birthday.

During the vlog, Jisoo filled in her profile information on a printed-out poster, updating some of the older data while sharing stories about herself that fans may not know.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | 행복지수 103%/YouTube

While filling out her new profile information, Jisoo was asked if she could name her favorite animal. After struggling to think of one favorite, an offscreen staff member clarified that she could choose a favorite animal for the day.

Jisoo decided that her favorite animal of the day would be a tiger and explained the significance of her decision.

When she was younger, Jisoo took a photo of herself in front of a tiger in its enclosure at the zoo. The BLACKPINK member explained that the tiger’s cage wasn’t visible in the photo, creating the optical illusion that she was standing next to the animal with no barrier between them.

She didn’t have a pet then, so when kids in her elementary school bragged about their own pets, she showed them the picture of herself with the tiger, claiming it was her family’s.

After telling stories about how the tiger lived at home with her, she convinced some of her classmates that the exotic animal was truly her family pet.

Jisoo concluded the story by hilariously wondering if her former classmates still believed her “tiger pet” story was true.

While she may not have a tiger, she does have a sweet dog named Dalgom. Check out more on Dalgom in the article below!

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