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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Does Not Believe Opposite Gender Friendships Can Exist Unless They Fulfil This One Condition

She has one condition.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo guest-starred on a recent episode of Ding University with WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo. During the show, the question of whether or not opposite gender friends could exist was posed. This is a common question to ask, given that many romantic partners may oppose to the existence of opposite gender friends.

While some may believe that a man and woman can be friends with each other, Jisoo firmly stated that she disagrees. According to Jisoo, opposite gender friends simply can’t exist!

It was only after the MCs questioned her relationship with Jinwoo that she realized it was indeed possible. Jisoo added the condition that if the parties in question have known each other for over 10 years like her and Jinwoo, it might be possible.

Jisoo explained that while she doesn’t think opposite gender parties can be true friends if they contact each other daily, a relationship where they contact each other once in awhile to check up on them, and are able to riff like buddies, would be considered true opposite gender friends.

Jisoo keeps fake opposite gender friends at bay by being clear about the lines to keep. Jisoo does not give them any chance to wonder if she has feelings for them at all.

You can watch her appearance on the show below.





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