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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Will Reportedly Join Her Brother’s Company For Solo Activities

She would join her older brother’s company.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo will reportedly be joining her brother’s company, Biomom, for her solo activities.

According to an exclusive report from Xportnews, Jisoo will be joining her older brother’s company, Biomom, for her solo activities. While Biomom is a health food brand owned by Jisoo’s brother, Kim Jung Hun, they recently drew attention by announcing their new business plan, expanding into the entertainment industry and recruiting employees. Their tentative name for the entertainment section of their company is Blissoo, further compounding rumors that Jisoo will be joining her brother’s company.

Part of their employee recruitment also showed a picture of Jisoo and stated they are looking to expand their entertainment business both domestically and internationally so their artists can be loved by fans around the world.

However, a representative from Biomom told Xportnews that they have no idea about the report.

It is difficult to explain the company’s relationship with Blissoo.

We do not know the CEO’s familial relationships.

— Biomom representative

Earlier, it was confirmed that all four of the BLACKPINK members will only be part of YG Entertainment for group activities, allowing them to find their own agencies for their solo activities.

YG Entertainment Confirms All 4 BLACKPINK Members Will Not Renew Contracts For Individual Activities




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