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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Debuts Her New Tattoo At BVLGARI Event — Cementing Her Status As LLOUD’s CEO

It was first teased back in February.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has finally debuted her tattoo, rocking her CEO status like a boss.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

While Lisa initially didn’t have any tattoos, the past year has seen the idol showing off new tattoos at shows and on magazine covers.



It’s not the only change Lisa has had. After leaving YG Entertainment for her solo activities, Lisa announced the creation of her company LLOUD.

Well, it seems like Lisa has combined tattoos and LLOUD, and netizens have finally seen the finished product.

In February, a tattoo artist shared a picture of a tattoo that read “LLOUD” in cursive, and considering the timing, it wasn’t surprising that fans assumed it belonged to Lisa, along with the fact the company’s Instagram account was added.

While netizens assumed it was for Lisa, there was no confirmation and netizens had yet to see the idol with the tattoo… until now.

On March 14, Lisa attended the BLVGARI Studio event in Seoul. As expected, the idol looked beautiful in a little black dress, showcasing her visuals but also unreal proportions.




In one of the full shots of the idol, netizens noticed something new on her ankle, and it was none other than the “LLOUD” tattoo that many had speculated to be Lisa’s. It was beautifully elegant and combined Lisa’s own personality and the branding for her company.


When the images were shared online, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement at finally seeing the CEO tattoo properly, and the fact that she did it at a BVLGARI event where she’s an ambassador cements her “BOSS” vibes.

You can read more about Lisa at the event below.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Visuals Shine In A Sexy Little Black Dress At The BVLGARI Event In Seoul




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